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In any business it is important to know your marketplace. You don’t know how well you are doing unless you are comparing yourself to others. It’s not enough to ask yourself how good you are; you also need to know how good you can be and how to get there….

“Big Data” or “Benchmarking” in agriculture promises to revolutionize the way we farm but we are still have a long way to go towards realizing its full potential. While it has already revolutionized other sectors, it has yet to catch on in crop production due the many variables affecting yields outside of our control.

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Antara Insights is an introductory benchmarking service that focuses on collecting quality, local data. 

Individually your production data might have limited value, but when grouped with other similar operations, we can start comparing fertilizers, rates and varieties to gain valuable insights into best management practices.

Small Data before Big Data…

New GPS technologies such as rate controllers and yield monitors are making it easier to collect production data,  but we still have a ways to go in collecting accurate data that can provide actionable results. How many producers can claim they collect consistant, accurate field data? They have the capability but until now, few have seen the need or the value. Would you trust that your neighbors are also collecting accurate data?

Does the idea of having to map every field operation seem intimidating? Antara Insights focuses on working closely alongside producers to collect accurate production data with out the need for maps. But if your intention is to accurately map your data, we can help with that too!

Are you comparing apples to apples? market

Weather varies greatly across wide geographies and has been influencing local growing conditions and soils for over 10,000 years in the Red River Valley. What happens 50 miles away may not be relevant to your operation.

Antara Insights focuses on small geographic regions (30 miles or less) to minimimze the variability caused by weather. Until we have tehcnology and sensors available to map moisture availability across different landscapes, this variability will continue to exist and difficult to measure. 

Who do you want to share your information with? 

There are many benchmarking services on the market that require you to share your information with multinational corporations or large input retails. There are still many questions revolving around who owns the data and what they are allowed to do with it.

Antara Agronomy is an independent agronomy consulting service. We do not sell inputs or buy your production. Our only goal is to make you better. No data will be shared outside the participating group or resold without permission. 

Antara Insights is offered as a packaged service that includes yearly soil testing, crop and fertility planning, data collection and analysis. For 2018 it will be introduced to a limited group of growers in the Red River Valley of Manitoba. Contact Antara today if you would like to participate in this new initiative or to learn more about Insights benchmarking.