In the Field

Boots on the GroundThere are many different factors that affect yield over the course of a growing season. The best investment a producer can make to grow a successful crop is having boots in the field.  Whether theirs or an agronomist’s, trained eyes in the field help assess the crop and avoid surprises come harvest time.

Identifying problems early allows for timely actions to be taken that can minimize the possibility of any negative effects. Observations on growing conditions, weeds, insects and/or disease problems are properly documented so better decisions can be made in the future. Whether limitations are soil, weather or pest related, they can be quantified and issues can be addressed if needed.

Eyes on the field can also minimize unnecessary expenditures. Not every field might be at threshold for pests or diseases. Pest issues are often isolated and can be treated that way.  Does the whole field need to be sprayed? Do you have to spray because your neighbor is spraying? Whatever the case, like in many things, its better to be proactive than IMG_5266reactive.

A good scouting program is more than checking for pests and making recommendations. It’s evaluating emergence, assessing variability, collecting valuable data throughout the growing season that when layered with yield data can give valuable insights into overall performance.

Just like every field is unique, so is every client. Some clients like to walk their own fields but still want a 2nd set of eyes to make sure nothing gets missed. For other producers, agronomy is not their main focus and rely on us to be their eyes and ears in the field.

All of our activities are documented and the information is relayed via phone, text or email. Producers can also access the fertility crop plans, scouting reports and spray orders through their smartphones.

Do you feel like you are leaving bushels in the field due to untimely decisions? Are the demands of your business pulling you in other directions and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all? Maybe we can help. Our focus is agronomy and we believe there is always a better way. Call today.