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As a part of the agricultural food supply chain are you satisfied with your current farming practices or do you believe there is always room for improvement? Every year we are faced with new products and methods that promise increased yields or efficiency. 3 bushel increase, 2 bushel increase, 10% increase in yield. If we stacked all these products together we should be seeing exponential increases in yield.

Antara Research believes there is always a better way to do things and strives to work with producers and industry to adopt new products and practices that make them better. We believe it enough that we make on-farm research one of our priorities. Antara works as a liaison between producers, industry and extension to facilitate on-farm research. The goal is to produce local, replicated, reliable data for our customers.


Today’s technology makes it easier to establish and harvest quality on-farm research. Scales on grain carts, application maps, yield mapping, remote weather stations,  make it easier to record, collect and analyze farm data. Equipment can now record the location and rates of specific treatments, GPS guidance makes it easy to lay out replicated strips, yield maps can be used to compare treatments in specific areas such as hills or depressions.

Working together as a group, we can also learn faster by pooling data and ensuring the right data is collected to compare apples to apples as best we can. Developing a proper protocol and having boots on the ground throughout the season is critical to ensure we can  properly interpret results. When pooling data it’s not only  about finding the average but also identifying under what circumstances a product or method performs best.

Often producers will setup an on-farm trial or side by side with the best intentions but come harvest time the trial is abandoned or forgotten due to a lack of interest, time or resources. Partnering with Antara in coordinated research keeps producers interested and accountable.

Are you a grower wanting to implement on-farm research into your current operation? Or are you an industry or extension representative looking for field scale research data? Follow one of the links below to learn more: 

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