On-Farm Research – Benefits to Industry


Producers always start with the best intentions when they agree to perform an on-farm trial. The challenge with many on-farm trials is collecting the data come harvest time. With the pressures of harvest looming and the need to get the crop in the bin, many trials are abandoned as they take a back seat to other priorities.DCIM100MEDIADJI_0317.JPG

Taking advantage of today’s technology, it is much easier and efficient for producers to establish and collect on-farm data. Instead of a simple side by side comparison, Antara will assist producers in leveraging today’s technology to implement meaningful, replicated, on-farm trials. Each trial is tailored to a growers specific equipment and resources to minimize any extra work on the producers part.

From the initial planning through to the analysis of results, Antara ensures that the right data is collected in a consistent manner. All trials start with an in-depth protocol and site selection. Regular in-season visits identify potential problems early that may influence end results, good or bad.   Professional reports are prepared with in-depth analysis relating to each specific trial and growing environment.

Our trials range from simple side by side demonstrations to properly replicated trials with multiple treatments. Engaging producers in on-farm research helps spread the costs of collecting good quality data amongst those that will benefit the most.